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Welcome to our 2013 stage reports, presenting the rally on the way from Almeria to Dakar. Click on the particular day and check out the pictures, videos, results and multilingual information on the stage.
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Stage #8: Dakhla Bon Lanuar
the stage routeDay: 08
Date: Feb 4, 2013
Route: Dakhla Bon Lanuar
Length: 400km
Morocco - Mauritania
Character: day off

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We took a day off from
the competition today.
The Rally crossed border
to Mauritania.
Last night in Morocco was spend in Hotel Barbas few hundred kilometers north of the boarder with Mauritania. It is a rather surreal mixture of Star Wars set and Las Vegas, larger hotel at the intersection of historic routes, place where cultures meet and mingle. Importantly for us it provides fast wifi, running water and good food.
Today's liaison stage was around 400km including 2 border crossings. The rally rules state, that anyone in race category has to complete the entire stage by their own steam. So the motorbikes today also had to endure the long and tedious road to the border. There is 4km of mined no-man's land between Moroccan and Mauritanian border. All went well, nobody was left behind, Outback Company service truck pulled a few off the large service cars free with their heavy duty winch. On the Mauritanian side the rally organizers had employed a fixer to help make the paperwork get done quick and smoothly. Alt went without problems. There is a fair amount of checkpoints here in Mauritania and the authorities take our presence seriously, they are taking good care off us. Tomorrows stage to Aukjout will be one of the toughest in this years rally. Their will be a lot of sand and dunes, so it will be exciting to see how it goes. Keep an eye on your favorite participant via the spot tracking page.
Stage 9 special is about 300 km long and will be a true test. It is expected that the two Mauritania stages will be decisive in determining the winners of the rally and the stage will begin shortly.

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