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Welcome to our 2013 stage reports, presenting the rally on the way from Almeria to Dakar. Click on the particular day and check out the pictures, videos, results and multilingual information on the stage.
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Stage #9: Bon Lanuar - Akjoujt
the stage routeDay: 09
Date: Feb 5, 2013
Route: Bon Lanuar - Akjoujt
Length: 300km
Country: Mauritania
Character: competition

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Most difficult stage of IR'13 due to extremely difficult terrain and inclement weather. Mechanical breakdowns forced several teams and bikers to spend the night in the dunes and await assistance the next day thus abandoning the race.

The stage to Akjout contained a fair amount of fast piste and off-piste route, before entering the main event, the large dunes. A 30km long section that was trully hard work to pass through. The dune area contained some really tricky parts with lots of powder soft knee-deep sand. Resulting in a lot off digging for the cars, and several bikers spending the night in the dunes because off technical issues or lack off fuel, before being helped out by the Org, or their service teams. Also, the navigation, which was quite tricky, trying to cross the dune lines in the wrong place, would often result in having to turn back and try again, thus losing time and sapping energy. The leading car from Team Glad.dk had to skip CP3 due to technical issues. Quote from the Race Director "The real way to Dakar doesn't come cheap, there is always a price to pay". Hopefully the reward will be equally satisfying.

Quotes from our rescue operations, as they appeared on our facebook page:

"Quick update on stage 9: it is almost 7PM local time and most racers are either in camp or en route. We have few bikes still making their way through the dunes north east of Benichab and it is going to be a long day for some of those guys. This stage is living up to its reputation and is proving to be the most difficult so far."

"During Stage 9 several motorbikes and one car got stuck deep in the dunes in the vicinity of Benichab and had to spend the night. They are all ok and the org team is in contact with them. The retrieval is in progress now and we will post more information as it becomes available. Today's stage has been neutralized to allow the organization to fully focus on the assistance efforts."

"There are 4 org vehicles participating in the recovery efforts and here is the situation at this moment: 220, 223 and 239 have been picked up. 259 is sitting on its roof but the situation is under control. The org team should reach 229 shortly."

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