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Pre-start preparations
IR 2012 ready to start!
Today, the Spanish campground La Garrofa was unusually full, as the participants of the Intercontinental Rally gather at the start. Most of the day was taken up by technical and document inspection as well as marking of the competition vehicles with race decals. The prologue comprised of a single 100 pt control point at...
Stage 1 ( Almeria - Guercif)
IR2012 hurtles to Taurirt (EN, FR, CZ)
The first stage of this year’s rally took the competitors into the bivouac in Taourirt. The 105km long prologue tested for the first time the navigational abilities of the crews who all easily earned the full allotment of 100 points for crossing the check point in the Almeria harbor. Tomorrow we start...
Stage 2 ( Guercif - Merzouga)
IR 2012 Spectacular and challenging stage (EN, FR, CZ)
Long, difficult and absolutely spectacular second stage! Starting into the bitter cold desert air the bikers suffered a lot in the early morning hours. The special was in some places very technical and there were some early mechanical problems and few minor mishaps. As we are down for the...
Stage 3 (Merzouga - Mhamid)
Stage 3 Merzouga – M’Hamid (EN, FR, CZ)
The 3rd stage along a traditional Dakar route provided for a memorable outing. Early in the stage the crews had to choose between navigating a tricky rocky section or avoid it by crossing a sandy ridge. Team Portside's Unimog had to be pulled out from the deep sand by a near by military unit. Later in...
Stage 4 (Mhamid - Tata)
Sand and rocks! (EN, FR, CZ)
Today's stage was a little shorter than typical but it made up for it in difficulty. Later 10 o'clock start gave the crews a welcome rest and an opportunity for vehicle maintenance. The fesh section early on brought on frantic digging by many teams and shovels and winches did not stop until the afternoon. At...
Stage 5 (Tata – Fort Bou Jerif)
Atlantic ocean at sight (EN, FR, CZ)
Narrow gorges and steep mountain sides dominated the 5th stage as we crossed the Atlas mountains and descent towards the Atlantic coast. Tire punctures and technical breakdowns due to the rocky terrain kept the rally technical assistance team for most of the day. The racing, especially amongst motorbikes,...
Stage 6 (Fort Bou Jerif - Layoune)
Stage 6 Fort Bou Jeriff - Laayoune (EN, FR, CZ)
It seems this year the physical punishment just will not stop. Another day, another draining stage.
The day started with the crossing of the legendary Plage Blanche, a remote 50 km long beach battered by the waves and winds of the Atlantic Ocean. Rising tide meant that the dry part of the beach...
Stage 7 (Layoune - Daklha)
Finally an easier stage (EN, FR, CZ)
Finally a stage with a shorter and easier off road section! The caravan proceeded on the blacktop south towards the city of Dakhla with a special section on flat, wind swept plains short distance from the bivouac. The easy terrain perhaps relaxed the concentration of one of the riders a little too much as...
Stage 8 (Daklha - Nouadhibou)
Crossing the Mauritanian border (EN, FR)
A liaison stage to cross the Morocco-Mauritanian border. Thanks to advanced preparation by the organization, the border crossing went extremely smoothly, and everyone got across within an hour. The short drive across the mined no-man's land strip reminded everyone the importance of good way points as...
Stage 9 (Nouadhibou - Nouakchott)
Sandstorm strikes (EN, FR, CZ)
After several days of high winds and blinding sandstorms forced us to forgo Atar and instead head to Nouakchott the special followed last year's course. To extend the range of the motorbikes to cover the 500km distance through some very remote coastal regions the rally team set up a refueling station around the...
Stage 10 (Nouakchott - Nouakchott)
Nouakchott (EN, FR, CZ)
Another improvised stage to replace the two stages originally planned for the Atar region. The stage was relatively straightforward on very fast pistes with a massive dune at the finish. Due to the long liaison the car teams decided to forego the stage and the bikes raced on their own. There was one notable departure on...
Stage 12 (St.Louis – St.Louis)
Savannah (EN, CZ)
This stage provided an introduction to the navigational challenges of the Senegalese Savannah. Everyone exercised caution as we raced near many small villages with curious children and ignorant goats everywhere. The short liaison provided for a memorable outing, and as the moon rose over the bivouac the excitement of reaching...
Stage 13 (St.Louis - Dakar)
Almost there (EN, FR, CZ)
As unreal as it feels at the moment we have reached our final destination! Lac Rose welcomed the Rally in all it's glory, glowing pink-purple in the afternoon sun. The penultimate stage featured sandy trails in the shadow of ancient baobab trees, through rural villages and bustling towns. The last 50 km was along a...
Stage 14 (Dakar - Lac Rose)
The moment of glory (EN, FR, CZ)
The moment of glory has arrived when all the pain and suffering is forgotten and the sense of accomplishment starts to settle in. After more than 5000 km and 13 days of full on racing the Rally has reached the finish line on the shores of Lac Rose, stone throw distance from Dakar and the westmost point of Africa.
The last stage was a celebratory excursion over the dunes to the Atlantic ocean and few kilometers north to a pristine stretch of beach where we gathered for a group photo and a small celebrations. The friendships forged after two weeks of sharing rocky and sandy trail, suffering through freezing cold Atlas air and surviving hot Senegalese days, digging deep to cross the desolate Mauritanian deserts will endure for years and the memories will last a lifetime.
Shortly we will celebrate with an awards ceremony and a party which will last into morning hours.

Etape La boucle du Lac Rose:
Le dénouement est proche ! 11h00 départ en ligne par categories sur les berges du Lac, puis il faudra rejoindre la plage. La marée est haute et le sble mou. La GS 800 souffre, s’ensable, manque de souffle, mais arrive tout de m?me? rejoindre le groupe de tout les concurrents et organisateurs 5 km plus loin pour la session de photos de l’arrivée ! Le rallye Intercontinental est officiellement arrivé ? terme ! L’émotion est forte………………….
Le buffet attendra tout le monde en fin de journée et suivra la remise des prix ! Un GRAND MERCI ? tout les organisateurs et concurrents ! Et ? l’année prochaine !!!!

Vítej, Růžové jezero!!
Výsledek dvoutýdenního snažení je tu! IR 2012 se po roce opět vrací na místo činu, aby navázala na historii nejznámějšího dálkového závodu na světě, Dakarské rallye. Všichni závodníci již včera dorazili v pořádku do kempu u Růžového jezera, aby mu dnes vzdali hold desetikilometrovou etapou podél břehů. Celá etapa se nesla ve slavnostním duchu. Start z kempu až v jedenáct hodin a limit na etapu velkorysých 6 hodin. Jediný kontrolní bod za sto bodů byl zároveň místem, kde probíhaly první oslavy a focení všech účastníků. Závodníci ujeli během dvanácti vyčerpávajících dnů na 4500km, prověřili svoje stroje na
kamenech i písku, rychlých pistách i sypkých dunách, místy nechyběla ani trocha bahna nebo travnatého povrchu v pasážích savany. Z celkem 45 přihlášených posádek nedorazilo k Lac Rose dvanáct, desítka dalších byla diskvalifikována z kategorie Race do Adventure. Přes extrémní podmínky se nejlépe popral s nástrahami rallye Manuel Garcie z týmu Aventura Touareg ES, s celkovým ziskem 8432 bodů a stal se absolutním vítìzem kategorie Race. Na druhém místě v Race Moto dojel Manuelův týmový kolega Victor Manuel Nasarre Lardies se ziskem 8298 bodů. Bronzový jezdec Race Moto je Steven Finch z Team UK se ziskem 8092 bodů.
Vítězný tým kategorie Race Cars je z České republiky, se ziskem 8410 bodů je jím Statek Újezd sv. Kříže s Václavem Haškem a Jakubem Výborným. Druhé a třetí místo v kategorii obsadil tým Def-Tec se ziskem 7395 bodů (Antonín Šimek a Josef Starý), respektive 6700 bodů (David Mrzena a Radek Meduna).
Slavnostní vyhlášení vítězů proběhne dnes ve 20hodin přímo u jezera Lac Rose.
The Final Ceremony
Big thank you to all the participants, our families and all the fans who followed us on our journey across western Africa. See you next year!
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