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The Final Ceremony
The Final Ceremony in Dakar.
Our Humanitarian Aid
Stage 1 ( Start, Almeria - Nador)
First stage was intended to be a short warm up run ending at the Port of Almeria following a ferry crossing to Morocco and a short transfer to camp in Saidia.
As it turns out nothing is exactly as expected in Africa: the custom officials scrutinized our documents for over two hours, several folks got lost en route to camp and one motorbike had...
Stage 2 ( Nador - Figuig )
Stage 3 (Figuig - Merzouga )
The race is in full swing now and the caravan has found its way to Merzouga. Our bivouac is in the midst of some of the highest dunes in Africa and we are sharing the piste with herds of camel. Tomorrow we are headed to Zagora following some race tracks used in the Paris Dakar Rally some 25 years ago.
Stage 4 (Merzouga - Zagora )
Todays stage followed old Dakar Rally tracks from the red dunes of Merzuga to the river oasis of Zagora. The participants encountered sand, rock and fine powdery Fesh Fesh. As we write this everyone is resting in the camp. Unfortunately the Emu UTV is out of the race with a seised engine. Other than that everyone is in a good shape looking...
Stage 5 (Zagora - Tata )
Stage 6 (Tata - Sidi Ifni )
Stage 7 (Sidi Ifni - Laayoune )
Stage 8 (Laayoune - Aargub )
This was the final stage of the 'Lite' race. We followed the Atlantic Ocean across dunes, along ship wreck strewned beaches and through some of the most barren dessert we have encountered so far. Congratulations to Pauli, Tomas and Mark for winning their 'lite' race categories!
Today we are moving on the tarmac to a bivouac just above the...
Stage 9 (Aargub - Dakhla N.P )
the video hasn't been added this timeAfter the yesterday's final ceremony for the Lite rally, we took this stage really easy. No competition, no points, no video, just a relaxing trip along the Moroccan sea side. We all needed a break. Tomorrow the rally starts again at the full blast.
Stage 10 (Dakhla N.P. - Nouadhibou )
Stage 11 (Nouadhibou - Nouakchott )
Stage 11 proved to be perhaps the deciding point in the race. Only 2 cars managed to get to the finish line within the time limit and few cars in the adventure class rolled in well after dark accompanied by rally support truck. While Ujezd Sv. Krize maintained their lead, Axo ran into technical problems and slipped in the standings. So in the...
Stage 12 (Nouakchott - St.Louis )
We spent the whole day crossing the Senegalese border. No racing today.
Stage 13 (St. Louis - Lac Rose - Dakar)
Stage 14 (Lac Rose - Dakar)
A celebratory run around Lac Rose.
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