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The Finish LineFeb 14, 2011
click to see the full size imageThe Rally has concluded with a ceremonial stage around Lac Rose in Senegal. The standings are final and we have crowned our champions:

1. Statek Ujezd Sv. Krize
2. Offroad Marathon
3. Running Moto

1. James Baker

1. Mamut 4x4
2. Luc Michellys
3. Osek 2

We modified the last two stages in Senegal so...
Stage 13Feb 13, 2011
After spending most of the previous day at the border we raced again today through the savannah of Senegal. The action was furious with only a single car getting into finish before the 6 hour limit.
Tomorrow we have scheduled a celebratory run around Lac Rose followed by awards ceremonies.
Stage 11Feb 11, 2011
click to see the full size imageStage 11 proved to be perhaps the deciding point in the race. Only 2 cars managed to get to the finish line within the time limit and few cars in the adventure class rolled in well after dark accompanied by rally support truck. While Ujezd Sv. Krize maintained their lead, Axo ran into technical problems and slipped in the standings. So in the...
MauritaniaFeb 10, 2011
Today we crossed the no-man´s land into Mauritania. We avoided setting off any mines and the total crossing took about 6 hours. Following the border formalities there was a short off road stage across the hard flat dessert around Nouadhibou including a short excursion to a spectacular shop wreck.
Tomorrow´s stage is difficult and long and...
Stage 9 (Aargub - Dakhla N.P )Feb 9, 2011
After the yesterday's final ceremony for the Lite rally, we took this stage really easy. No competition, no points, no video, no results - just a relaxing trip along the Moroccan sea side. We all needed a break. Tomorrow the rally starts again at the full blast.
Stage 8 Laayoune to DakhlaFeb 8, 2011
This was the final stage of the 'Lite' race. We followed the Atlantic Ocean across dunes, along ship wreck strewned beaches and through some of the most barren dessert we have encountered so far. Congratulations to Pauli, Tomas and Mark for winning their 'lite' race categories!
Today we are moving on the tarmac to a bivuoac just above the...
Southern MoroccoFeb 7, 2011
Post midnight update from a Beduin camp in Southern Morocco over satelite. We had a crash in the adventure category on the route to Sidi Ifni. The rider had fractured both wrist. Our medical staff reached him within 15 minutes and transported the rider to a private clinic in Agadir. He has been repatriated today and will recover...
Merzuga to ZagoraFeb 4, 2011
Todays stage followed old Dakar Rally tracks from the red dunes of Merzuga to the river oasis of Zagora. The participants encountered sand, rock and fine powdery Fesh Fesh. As we write this everyone is resting in the camp. Unfortunately the Emu UTV is out of the race with a seised engine. Other than that everyone is in a good shape looking...
IR 2011 MerzougaFeb 3, 2011
click to see the full size imageThe race is in full swing now and the caravan has found its way to Merzouga. Our bivouac is in the midst of some of the highest dunes in Africa and we are sharing the piste with herds of camel. Tomorrow we are headed to Zagora following some race tracks used in the Paris Dakar Rally some 25 years ago.
We are posting updates over a satelite...
Stage 1Jan 31, 2011
click to see the full size imageFirst stage was intended to be a short warm up run ending at the Port of Almeria following a ferry crossing to Morocco and a short transfer to camp in Saidia.
As it turns out nothing is exactly as expected in Africa: the custom officials scrutinized our documents for over two hours, several folks got lost en route to camp and one motorbike...
Technical Inspections in AlmeriaJan 30, 2011
click to see the full size imageThe teams are arriving in Almeria and technical inspections are almost complete.

We are eagerly awaiting team Mamut from Slovenia in next hour or so and once they are checked in and stickered up we are ready to get the Rally started. Tomorrow we have on the schedule a short prologue followed by a ferry sailing to Morocco and a short transfer...
  Jan 25, 2011
click to see the full size imageDear participants,
to make the whole rally experience more enjoyable for you, our partner and member of organization IR2011 Loco For Motos have prepared an accommodation offer that covers the most of the Moroccan rally locations.
We believe you may appreciate that.

Se you all in Almeria!

IR 2011 Jiri Vasatko and Loco for Motos Tim...
  Jan 18, 2011
click to see the full size imageImportant points before the start

Technical Inspections

The inspections will be carried out on January 30 form 10AM to 9PM and January 31 from 5AM to 6AM .In Camping LA GAROFA ALMERIA N36 49.579 W2 31.002
Carretera Nacional 340A KM.435 04002 Almería www.lagarrofa.com tel 905 23 57 70 info@lagarrofa.com . The technical inspection...
The teams have been assigned start numbers.Jan 10, 2011
click to see the full size imageThe teams have been assigned start numbers as well as Spot locator units. Follow your favorite team live as they race across the Sahara.
We wish you joyous holiday season and a happy New Year!Dec 25, 2010
click to see the full size imageWe wish you joyous holiday season and a happy New Year! Intercontinental Rally 2011
Ferry Almeria NadorDec 22, 2010
click to see the full size image
We would like announce that after negotiations with Morocco Ferry and Acciona we achieved a price reduction for
the ferryboat from Almeria to Nador on 31.1.2011. 10:00PM – 3:00PM vessel WISTERIA

In case of your interest you can order the tickets for the ferryboat right from us (for the reduced price). We will need
some additional...
  Dec 11, 2010
click to see the full size imageThe registration for Intercontinental Rally 2011 has been closed.
If you want to ask us about the chance of an after-deadline reservarion,
please contact us via our Contacts
Wanna help with visas for Senegal and Mauritania?Nov 28, 2010
click to see the full size imageIf you need us to help you arrange visas for Mauritania and Senegal, please send us the following documents:
- your passport
- 4x your picture (passport format)
- filled form (download it from our web­)
- 240 EUR fee (it covers both Senegal and Mauritania)

The documents shall be sent so we receive them (as well as the fee) before Dec 7...
The most importatnt requirementsNov 20, 2010
click to see the full size imageDear contestants,
Since we have only a short time left to the start of IR2011, we put together a list of the most serious requirements, as well as some frequently asked points.
You can find it in the Articles section.
Our logo for downloadOct 31, 2010
We added two more sections to our menu - "Downloads" and "Video of The Day". In "Downloads" you can download particular files regarding the event. The video-page has been set for later, to put up the stage videos.
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